This form is provided for current tenants of Old Town Square Properties, Inc. to request non-emergency property maintenance on their residences. ***TO REPORT EMERGENCY WORK ORDERS THAT REQUIRE IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE, PLEASE CALL (970) 214-0766.*** Thank you!

Maintenance Request Form

Please fill out this form if you have a non-emergency maintenance request and we will take action to resolve the maintenance problem as soon as possible. Thank you!
  • Please enter the name of the property that needs maintenance
  • Daytime phone where you can be reached
  • Please include the EXACT location of the issue

    Select "Yes" to give maintenance permission to enter the property even if you're not home, or "No" if you would prefer an appointment.

    Have you, or has anyone in your household, been sick and/or exposed to COVID in the last 14 days?

  • Do you require our maintenance technicians to wear a mask in your unit?

After your work order is complete, we would welcome your feedback! Please complete the survey below after any work order has been completed.